You want the technical performance and allure of bronze, but don’t want the product to become heavier or more expensive? Bronze coating not only makes this entirely feasible; it’s also barely distinguishable from real bronze.

Bronze coating can be used to lend virtually any product the appearance of cast bronze. The metallised top layer even delivers a number of additional technical benefits.

Can you detect the difference?

Bronze metal coatings are barely distinguishable from traditional cast bronze. A bold claim? Feel free to browse our photo gallery and …


What exactly are metal coatings?

Metal coatings are semi-liquid products that primarily consist of genuine metal powder. As a consequence, these coatings can be applied to just about any type of substrate in order to lend the article in question a metallic appearance. The technical properties of cast metal, such as its distinctive lustre, heat conduction and protection, are also transferred to the new material. Indeed, metal coatings can be used to augment almost all non-cast metal products with both the aesthetic and technical performance of traditional cast metal.

The benefits of metal coatings

  • extremely realistic metallic appearance
  • choice of multiple types of metal
  • various possible finishes
  • relatively fast production time
  • suitable for almost any surface
  • no excessive increase in weight
  • considerably less sensitive to theft
  • provides an additional protective layer
  • equally suitable for small products in large quantities

Suitable for almost any surface

wood, foam, plastic, earthenware, metal, glass, concrete, cardboard, …

Metal types

o.a. messing, koper, Nikkel, zink, ijzer, tin, aluminium, brons, …

Various finishes

As with cast metal, you can also opt for a smooth or matt surface, with or without texture and a standard metal colour, rusty appearance or patinated bronze colour.

Specific examples

  • What would you prefer for the front door of your practice? An expensive bronze nameplate or a cheaper MDF plaque with a metal coating and engraving that looks exactly like bronze yet doesn’t attract thieves?
  • Of course, you can always opt to have your new product prototype cast in bronze. If you require it at short notice, however, then a prototype in an alternative material with a bronze coating is the smarter choice.
  • Items of furniture with a metal coating still look luxurious and expensive yet, unlike their cast metal counterparts, they weigh significantly less. This makes them particularly suitable for aircraft and ship interiors.

Got a metal coating project in mind?

There are countless applications for which metal coatings can offer a quick, effective and affordable alternative to cast metal. We’d love to hear your ideas and would be delighted to provide more information and a tailor-made price quote.